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Being recognised as a leader in our industry we are proud to be part of several organisations and have received many awards over the years. Ryan & McNulty have affiliations with The Victorian Association of Forestry Industries (VAFI), Timebr Merchants Association (TMA), VicForests, Forestry Tasmania and State Forests NSW.

VAFI hold an annual awards night for the industry and in 2011 and 2012 Ryan & McNulty has taken two of the five awards at each event.
In 2011 the Skills and Training award for the ongoing commitment to investing in the skills development of all employees.
The Environmental Sustainability award was received in 2011 for recognition of the significant commitment to reducing the amount of timber, bi-product and general waste going into landfills.

In 2012 & 2013 Ryan & McNulty held their own amongst bigger competitors of the industry and again received the Skills and Training Award, with over 85% of their workforce being apart of a formal recognised training and education program.
Flowing on from this award, Ryan & McNulty were also given the Community Engagement Award for their generous support of the local and broader community. It's an honorable award that is admired by many in the timber industry for showing support to their local communities and indeed the timber industry.

In 2014 Ryan & McNulty were again recognised for their continued support of the local community by receiving the Economy Award, given to the business who actively involves their community in their organisational planning and developments.

It has been decades of growth and development and with the knowledge that has been gained. Over this time, Ryan & McNulty will continue to improve efficiencies and production methods, ensuring the longevity of this locally owned and operated business.