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River Red Gum

Red to reddish brown with distinctly paler sapwood.
Also known as Red Gum
Botanic name Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Dehnh
Colour Red to reddish brown
Density 900kg/m2
Durability AG1
Janka Rating 10.0
Grades Select, Standard, Standard & Better, High Feature,
Fire Rating
River Red Gum has been tested and found to meet the required parameters as defined in the relevant Australian Standard AS3959, without having to be subjected to fire retardant treatment. It should be noted that AS3959 does not replace any other standard which might set out minimum requirements for construction in a particular area but rather AS3959 sets out requirements which are dependant upon the degree of assessed threat of Bushfire Attack and which are additional to the requirements of those other standards.

Understanding Grades

  • Select The characteristics of the select grade are very small, although apparent they do not overwhelm the timber. Very straight and fine grain.
  • Standard Unlike select grade, standard grade has some natural characteristics. Gum pockets, gum veins, insect trails, burls and borer holes are all present in the standard grade.
  • High Feature High Feature grade has more natural characters, allowing a larger and more prominent array of colours and feature

Product Mix

River Red Gum Mountain Ash
D.A.R Boards
External Cladding
Furniture & Joinery
Pre Finished Flooring
Pre Oiled Decking* ✝
Stair Treads
*For information regards the oil used in our pre-oiled decking follow this link
✝ This product is finger jointed and pre-oiled, available in set lengths of 4.5M or 5.4M only.